A recent horrible earthquake struck Nepal, and while we hold the people of Nepal in our hearts, we also need to remember to do what we can to be well-prepared for L.A.'s inevitable earthquakes and any other potential disasters.
Earlier this year, your Los Angeles Fire Department implemented one of the most significant organizational changes in its 128-year history.
Because of the record drought here in California, people across the state are learning to be increasingly smart, disciplined and principled about water usage.

Dear Friends,

 Welcome to Council District Five’s homepage!  I am truly honored and privileged to represent you and your interests on the Los Angeles City Council.  It is my hope that the information on this website will be a valuable resource to you and your family.  Together we can protect and improve our neighborhoods and quality of life.  Your voice and views matter to me, so please contact me or my staff with your questions, ideas, and concerns.  You can also email me at paul.koretz@lacity.org.  Remember to visit this website often to stay on top of the most important issues affecting our community.

  Best Regards, 


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